Genesis Twenty-three


We thank You, Holy Spirit, for recording Sarah’s age of death. It helps us to stop and take an account of the importance of her life and her example of faith. Her own journey of believing and submitting to Your faithfulness added to Abraham’s walk of faith for better or for worse. May we be willing to believe You and submit in faith to You as we walk with our spouses. 

Father God, we thank You for the gift of grief in our sadness. Comfort us in knowing that even when we mourn, we don’t do it as those who have no hope. As long as we find ourselves in You, we are encouraged by the hope of resurrection.

Lord Jesus, give us the strength to get up and do the next right thing even when we don’t feel like it. When we find ourselves alone in grief as strangers in strange lands with promises unfulfilled, be our Prince of Peace. 

Come quickly, Lord! But as we wait, help us to stake a claim in hope that is both present and yet to come. May we do it with every transaction of thought, word, and deed regardless of the circumstances that lead us to it. 

Father, Son, and Spirit, may our years on this earth, either married or not, be long and filled with love for You above all. May the life we live be a testimony of Your eternal presence with us!  

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Roshni Di Stefano

Roshni was born in Mumbai, came of age in Montreal, and now lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She works as a physical therapist and likes to write. She also enjoys sipping masala chai or gin and tonic on the porch while trying not to drool excessively over her Canadian-Italian-American husband. In her spare time, she herds two kids.

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