Genesis Thirty-one


Father God, we come before You today to ask You to clarify and purify the motives of our heart. Help us to be at peace with everyone, but also give us wisdom to know when it’s time to part ways. Be with us even when we feel like we are walking away alone. Remind us that we are never alone if we are walking with You.

Lord Jesus, may we never envy the prosperity of the wicked. Remind us that You do not bless dishonesty no matter how we justify it from an earthly perspective. You bless us with grace to obey You and follow hard after You. In obedience, You prosper us to do Your will. You help us to follow where You lead us, serve where You place us, and fulfill Your calling on our lives.

Holy Spirit, may we be husbands and wives who are able to see Your calling on the life of our spouse. Help us to support them as they seek to obey You. Keep us from doing anything that might hinder them from doing what You have placed on their hearts to do. Remind us that we have just as much to gain from their obedience as they do. 

Give us a holy discernment, Holy Spirit, based on the knowledge of Your word. Show us how and when we need to keep our mouths shut, if we are unable to discern between good and evil. Give us also the courage to speak boldly when You ask us to. Keep us from trying to make ourselves look godly to meet our own selfish objectives. 

Lord Jesus, teach us how to worship You in spirit and in truth. Remind us that who or what we worship impacts more than just us. It impacts not only how we think, but every single aspect of our life and the lives of those we lead. May we worship You and You alone. May we be more concerned about Your interests than our own.  

When we have been falsely accused, Lord, be our defender and our vindicator. May our entire life be a testimony of Your faithfulness to us. Regardless of what anyone thinks of us, may Your opinion be the only one that matters. May every milestone and monument in our life glorify Your name alone.

Father God, remind us that a move in the direction of Your voice often brings separation as You move to set us apart. Help us to see that this separation sometimes involves crossing turbulent waters into steep, rocky paths of life where we have not travelled before. Keep us from losing our footing in these difficult places, especially in the midst of misunderstanding. 

Father, Son, and Spirit, show us how to set good boundaries in our life. Our tendency is to often keep people away because of a lack of trust. Help us to see that sometimes our lack of trust has deep roots in our own untrustworthiness. Remind us that You alone are faithful and true! 

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Roshni Di Stefano

Roshni was born in Mumbai, came of age in Montreal, and now lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She works as a physical therapist and likes to write. She also enjoys sipping masala chai or gin and tonic on the porch while trying not to drool excessively over her Canadian-Italian-American husband. In her spare time, she herds two kids.

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