Genesis Thirty-five


Holy Spirit, help us to worship in spirit and in truth in every season of change and transition in our life. Keep us from neglecting one or over-emphasizing one in preference of the other. Let worship be the catalyst that draws us into a closer relationship with You. Guide us and show us which way to walk. As we rise up and go, may we make our home in Your presence.

Lord Jesus, help us to destroy every hint of idolatry in our lives as we repent and walk in Your righteousness. Give us a deep desire to be holy as You are holy. Transform our lives as we consecrate them to You. As we bury our past and our sin nature, resurrect us as new creations in You. 

Father God, remind us that You are the God who sees us and hears us at all times, even when we are in distress. Comfort us with the joy of Your presence as we worship You alone. Help us to give up every symbol of our allegiance to all falsehood. May the evidence of Your presence in our lives be so undeniable to everyone we meet that they don’t hinder our walk with You.

Father, may every step of our journey, both in joy and mourning, be an opportunity to worship You. Help us to walk in the identity that comes from following hard after You. You are our El-Shaddai, our All-Sufficient God, who gives us the grace to live as Your image-bearers. 

Lord Jesus, show us how to be a kingdom of priests who serve You wherever You call us. May we be meek enough to inherit the earth for Your kingdom and Your glory. You are the One who takes care of our enemies so that we can live freely in surrender to You. 

Holy Spirit, may we participate with You in imparting life. Keep us from using transitions and hard seasons in our life as an excuse to sin. Help us to see that our sinfulness causes us to lose the double-portion of blessing that You have in store for us. Give us broken hearts to repent, so that You can restore us again.  

Father, Son, and Spirit, help us to see that a new beginning with You sometimes comes after the death of some of our closest relationships. Help us to live with integrity especially when it’s hard. May we mark hard seasons with worship and gain Your strength in our grief and sorrow. Open our eyes to see Your redemption in these tough places as we bury not only our idols, but also our loved ones. May they lead us back to trusting You and You alone!

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Roshni Di Stefano

Roshni was born in Mumbai, came of age in Montreal, and now lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She works as a physical therapist and likes to write. She also enjoys sipping masala chai or gin and tonic on the porch while trying not to drool excessively over her Canadian-Italian-American husband. In her spare time, she herds two kids.

This blog space is a place for her to gather her thoughts and more importantly her prayers to the King of kings. She can be found on Instagram at