Genesis Seven


Lord God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, we thank You that You are true to Your word. You never do anything unless You reveal it to Your servants the prophets. We pray that You would raise up in our days a generation of Noahs who will not be disgraced because You help them accomplish Your commands. Help them to set their face like flint to do Your will knowing that they will not be put to shame because the One who vindicates is near. 

Holy Spirit, lead and guide us as we lead and guide our children and our families in Your ways. May we be diligent to do all that is commanded of us. Remind us that our obedience in the place where You have set us affects not only our lives, but also lives around us, especially those of our children and their immediate families. May we not miss the fact in this story that while only Noah was found righteous before the Lord, the rest of his family reaped the benefit of an entrance into the ark. 

Lord Jesus, we see the plan of Your gospel from the earliest chapters of Your word. Make it plain enough for us to see that there was only one ark of safety and only one door to get into that ark. You are our place of safety and You are the door through which the sheep who know Your voice enter in. May we never take for granted the time that the door remains open, knowing that once the Lord shuts a door, no man can ever open it. 

Father God, we pray that as we submit our lives to You and place them in Your hands, You would cleanse us of all unrighteousness. May the blood that our Lord Jesus shed on the cross cover us and drown out in our lives everything that is not pleasing to You. Let only that which serves Your eternal plans and purposes prevail. We acknowledge that this is painful, but help us to see that the sin in our hearts, our flesh, and in our lives that we are not willing to put to death will eventually be the death of us. Above all else, rescue us from the sin of doubt and unbelief. 

Father, Son, and Spirit, may we find our rest in You and You alone. Don’t let us miss how high the waters of judgement and the ark of safety rose above the highest mountains of the earth. Open wide our spiritual eyes to see that both Your mercy and Your judgment sit enthroned above every other high place of false worship in our lives. When everything that appears good to us is wiped out, may we remember that only those who remain in You will live to worship You and You alone. Most of all, may we be found among those who remain! 

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Roshni Di Stefano

Roshni was born in Mumbai, came of age in Montreal, and now lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She works as a physical therapist and likes to write. She also enjoys sipping masala chai or gin and tonic on the porch while trying not to drool excessively over her Canadian-Italian-American husband. In her spare time, she herds two kids.

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