Genesis Forty-five


Holy Spirit, give us wisdom to submit to the revelation of Your truth the first time we encounter it. Keep us humble so that we don’t have to be put through the paces to learn things the hard way. Sometimes we suffer for righteousness, but very often we are simply living out the consequences of sin in our life.  (more…)

Genesis Forty-four


Father God, remind us that forgiveness is the very focal point of the gospel message. Jesus paid for it with His life. We sadly take it for granted because of the quick access we now have to it with You. Help us to not take it for granted. May we never cheapen Your grace because we can now come into Your presence anytime. (more…)

Genesis Forty-three


Father God, You do not grow tired or weary. You are not surprised when we try to fix things without You. You even let us have our own way, so that we can eventually come around to seeing how foolish we really are. Without You, we inevitably wear ourselves out spinning our wheels and getting nowhere. Keep us from stubbornness and gently bring us back to surrender at Your feet. (more…)