Genesis Twenty-four


Holy Spirit, we humbly ask that You help us to not miss the treasury of spiritual insights and implications that You lay out for us in this chapter. As Abraham sent out his servant Eliezer to bring back Rebekah as a bride for his son Isaac, You have been sent by the Father to bring back the Church as the Bride of Christ. 

Father God, as parents we pray that we would think carefully about our decisions and raise our children  according to Your Word. Remind us that our marriages and our households are living testimonies to the world of Your Kingdom principles and covenant promises. May they showcase Your faithfulness and bring You glory.

Lord Jesus, help us to live lives based on Your gospel-focused vision rather than the world’s shortsightedness. Draw our hearts to seek Your Kingdom first by the Holy Spirit’s leading. Perfect all Your plans for us as we find our own unique place within the Church that You are coming back for. 

Father God, may our view of who You are continue to expand as we learn how to walk intimately with You every day. As we walk in faith and trust Your promises, keep us from going back to the places that You have called us out from. May we be faithful to keep speaking Your promises over our own lives and the lives of our children as we wait for their fulfillment. 

Lord Jesus, we know that we cannot coerce anyone to do Your will. We can only seek Your favor as we do Your bidding. We position all that we are and all that we have before You while we live our lives for You. Remind us that the most powerful position we can put ourselves in is one of worship and surrender to You. 

Holy Spirit, open our spiritual eyes to see the privilege we have of being participants in establishing Your Kingdom here on earth. May we be quick to obey Your prompting and leading even if it means foregoing our own immediate comfort. Remind us that to delay is to give the enemy a foothold in our lives.

Father God, as You sanctify us to be humble, hardworking, and hospitable, may we attract the same kind of people in our lives. We pray that this would be especially true for our children as they grow. Help us to raise them to be pure and holy for Your kingdom and Your glory. We pray that the spouses You are raising for them are also kept pure and holy.

Holy Spirit, may we be quick to recognize places of transition in our lives. Keep us from trying to hold on to power and influence when it is time to let go. Have Your way in moving Your Kingdom forward. Help us to make decisions based on faith rather than what we can see with our earthly eyes. As we learn from the past, keep us moving forward to look to the future with anticipation and excitement for what You are doing.

Father, Son, and Spirit, in all things help us to overcome our flesh and do Your will as the Church becomes the mother of millions. May she possess the gates of all Your enemies as we hinge our lives on the central axis of Your everlasting kindness and faithfulness to us! 

About the author

Roshni Di Stefano

Roshni was born in Mumbai, came of age in Montreal, and now lives in Youngstown, Ohio. She works as a physical therapist and likes to write. She also enjoys sipping masala chai or gin and tonic on the porch while trying not to drool excessively over her Canadian-Italian-American husband. In her spare time, she herds two kids.

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